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Hudson River Park's

Big City Fishing

Fish For Free in Multiple Locations!




Sundays 1–5pm  Weather Permitting

6.1–9.28 on Pier 25 at N. Moore St.
7.6–8.24 on Pier 63 at W.23rd St.

Mondays, 5-7:30PM on 7.7–8.25 on Pier 25 at N. Moore St.
Tuesdays, 1-4PM 7.1–8.26 on Pier 84 at W.44th St.
Thursdays, 1-4PM 7.3–8.28 on Pier 46 at Charles St.


Catch & Release

No Casting


All of the necessary supplies including rods, reels and bait, as well as formal instruction

Fishing in New York City? You bet! Each summer, Hudson River Park offers Big City Fishing, a free program, to those as young as five who are eager to learn both how to fish and about the Hudson River environment.

We provide the rods, reels, bait and instruction. Beyond teaching fishing, the program also provides participants with a first-hand opportunity to learn about river ecology and the many fish species that can be found in the river.

Participants can drop in a line and relax, or engage with environmental educators on such topics such as water quality, fish biology and more. A fun and educational experience, Big City Fishing offers city-dwellers a unique option for outdoor family recreation.

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Upcoming Dates

Big City Fishing on Pier 25

Big City Fishing on Pier 46

Big City Fishing on Pier 63