Hudson River Park's Submerge


NYC’s Marine Science Festival
“A splash of science in the city”

October 5 / 11:00AM At Pier 26 In Tribeca

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Pier 25 Comfort Station

Subway & Bus Lines

1 at Canal St.

A,C,E at Canal St.

1 at Frankllin St.

1,2,3 at Chambers St.



Hudson River Park presents Submerge! - NYC’s Marine Science Festival, a day devoted to bringing awareness to NYC’s coastal waterways. This day-long festival is presented in partnership with the New York Hall of Science and focuses on ocean sciences while raising awareness of how people influence n local waterways. Noted marine scientists will present current research through hands-on activities and compelling presentations. Interactive demonstrations will bring marine science and engineering topics to life, inspiring audiences of all ages. Festival highlights throughout the day include:

Research Stations – Noted scientists representing local and national groups will present current research through hands-on demonstrations and interactive experiments.

Science Lounge – Listen to key talks by celebrated experts on notable topics. Panel discussions will explore the following topics: Sustainable Seafood, Climate Science, Ocean Literacy, Exploration, and Understanding our Local Waterways.

Sustainable Seafood Café – Raising awareness about our oceans and rivers means understanding the significance of what we eat from those waters. Local sustainable seafood organizations will provide both food and engaging discussions about sustainable fishing.

River Rangers Exploratorium – Budding scientists are invited to learn and discover through hands-on activities such as investigation tables, touch tanks with live river critters, touchable models and ocean-themed crafts.

Music and other festivities – Music, catch-and-release fishing and other fun activities will provide engaging activities for all to enjoy.

Partnering with New York Hall of Science