Pier 40

Construction and Design Status

One of the most important commercial properties in Hudson River Park, Pier 40 plays an integral role in supporting the Park, currently funding approximately 40% of its annual operating budget. It is the largest commercial pier in the Park and the source of $6 million in annual operating revenue. Designed as a passenger ship terminal, today Pier 40 is home to a commercial parking garage, beloved athletic fields, and the administrative offices of the Hudson River Park Trust. Its athletic fields are a community asset and host hundreds of thousands of individuals of all ages each year. With a footprint of 15 acres, it is the largest pier structure on the Hudson River.

Pier 40 Courtyard Fields

Pier 40 is also in need of critical infrastructure repairs to its roof and supportive piles. When the Trust inherited the pier, it inherited a number of structural issues along with it. These problems initially occurred due to delays in routine roof repairs, as well as the cut off of power to the cathodic protection system designed to prevent the Pier’s piles from corroding. While the Trust has made emergency investments as needed, the Pier has continued to deteriorate over time.

In recent years sections of the roof have deteriorated significantly, forcing the Trust to close portions of the parking garage to ensure public safety. These closures have also reduced the Park's operating revenue. Consequently, Pier 40’s entire roof must be reconstructed, at a cost of up to $30 million.The thirteen miles of steel piles supporting the pier must also be repaired. In 2014, the Trust commissioned an underwater inspection of Pier 40's piles.  Please see the report prepared by the engineers below.

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Pier 40

Under the terms of the Hudson River Park Act, the State law that created Hudson River Park, Pier 40 is intended to be one of several sites that generate revenue to help support the overall Park as well as provide essential public open space. The Trust is actively engaged in conversations with elected officials and community partners to explore amendments to the Act that will allow us to find a viable solution for this important property.