Water Quality 101

Grades 9-12


Application Closed


Watershed; Hudson River; Estuary; Water Quality; Human Impact on the Hudson River




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90 minutes

Water Quality 101 teaches students about the Hudson River estuary system through collaborative experiments. Hands-on activities allow students to test the River’s physical and chemical properties and analyze trends on graphs.


• Students will define  a watershed and an estuary
• Students will help to piece together a Hudson River model while learning about where we live within this system, physical elements of the estuary and basic map literacy
• Students will make hypotheses about the Hudson River’s water quality and conduct physical and chemical tests to assess their predictions
• Students will participate in a hands –on activity to understand the many users of the Hudson River and how users’ actions have changed through time to support the health of the river

what teachers say about the program

  • "The material taught in [Water Quality 101] was advanced for my students. It was a topic that they had never been exposed to before. Despite the difficulty of the topic, the educators were able to break down the content and make it easy to understand. It was engaging and interesting for the students." -11th Grade Teacher, Staten Island