Pier 45

Cross at Christopher St

In Greenwich Village


Pier 45 Comfort Station





Accessible to people with disabilities


Subway & Bus Lines

1 at Christopher St.


Amenities on this 850-foot-long pier include shade structures, seating areas, wood decking and passive grass lawns. This is a favorite spot for sunbathing in the neighborhood and an event space in the summer.

Bow Notch
A vestige of the Hudson River’s past as a bustling commercial waterfront can be seen between Piers 45 & 46. In the nineteenth century as boats grew longer, the piers needed to be extended, but could not exceed a length of 1000 feet due to federal law. Instead of adding onto the pier, land was excavated inland to make way for longer vessels.

Upcoming Events

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Chuck Braman Jazz Band

Hudson River Park's Sunset on the Hudson

Max Gallico & Friends

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