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The Friends of Hudson River Park Playground Committee, a first of its kind, is a group of parents working to promote and support everything Hudson River Park has to offer, especially as it relates to children. By raising awareness and advocating for the Park, it provides families with young children with a new way to become involved.

The Playground Committee works to gather support from the local community and raise funds for:

PLAY AREAS: The Park’s innovative Play Areas provide safe and imaginative environments for exercising, playing and making friends. Funds help renovate, maintain and care for the playgrounds, a top priority for Park staff. Ongoing repairs are continual due to regular wear and tear from enthusiastic and rigorous play, and major renovations are needed on each Playground about every 10 years.

SPORTS: Our Park is home to some of the most heavily used recreational fields in Manhattan, accommodating a wide variety of sports, including soccer, lacrosse, football, rugby and baseball. Support for resurfacing tennis courts, repairing turf, replacing basketball nets, reseeding fields and carrying out all the other required maintenance will ensure that our children and families enjoy the proper grounds and equipment to practice their sport.

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS: Whether it is providing educational school field trips, summer camp sessions or enrichment activities for children, the Park’s fun and hands-on learning experiences transform our mission of environmental stewardship into a community affair. The Committee’s funds help fulfill our mission to educate children and family on the rich history, ecology and wildlife in our nearly 550-acre back yard.

EVENTS: Providing a wide range of free or low-cost recreational programs and events throughout the year, especially for children, has always stood amongst the Park’s proud achievements. Funds help to pay for staff, tents, equipment and the remarkably talented artists and educators who bring joy to so many children and families each year.

The Park receives no government funds for its operations, maintenance or programming, which are instead supported by limited revenues generated from within the Park and private donations. Making a gift to the Park’s Playground Committee ensures our children have a fun and safe experience at the Park.


If you are interested in making a leadership gift or require any assistance with your donation, please contact us at 212-757-0981 x728, or

Checks, payable to Friends of Hudson River Park, may be sent to:

Friends of Hudson River Park
305 7th Avenue, 12th Flr
New York, NY 10001

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